Episode 6

Published on:

2nd Aug 2021

The case for active learning with Professor Simone Buitendijk and Fridey Cordingley

Beyond the transmission of facts to a whole new level of understanding - how problem-based active learning can boost university students' learning.

What is the purpose of a university education, particularly in an age of life-long learning?

In the latest episode of the 'Changing the World' series, University of Leeds Vice-Chancellor Professor Simone Buitendijk and Deputy Director of Communications Fridey Cordingley discuss how, for some students and academics, university education is still viewed as the transmission of facts, and assessments to test whether those facts had been learned. The problem with that, Simone argues, is most people do not retain facts. And employers want a different set of skills. They are after people who can work in a team and can collaborate and we need to teach our students that learning never stops.

The solution, she believes, is to train students to acquire knowledge but also to solve problems, through a process of active learning, getting students to actively engage with a subject to really learn.

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